5 Things You Need To Know About Buying A Snowblower

If you have never purchased a snowblower or haven’t purchased one in a long time you will definitely be amazed and “blown away” by the new features and choosing the right blower will be a daunting task. The new models offer a huge selection of a single, two and three-stage models and other high end features like push-button, power steering that is able to turn the whole machine around on a dime, the push button for chute rotation, handgrip that are heated to warm your fingers and airless tires that never go flat.

The research shows that retailer are fully stocked with the best models in mostly October and once the the first big snowfall hits all bets are of. These only mean one thing and that is you need to start shopping for your snowblower in the late of September and early October to get the machine of you deserve. If too early or too late you will end up paying a lot of dollars just to get the machine that is to small for your walk or driveway.

Things You Need To Know

1- The single-stage snowblower is known for its single high speed auger(The auger has a rubber on the edge that helps propel as the machine scoops snow off the ground) that scrapes snow off the ground propelling it through the chute. These kinds of machine are designed in a way that they can handle average snowfall depths up to 6 inches. If you act fast before the snow freezes with this machine you can remove it.

If you walk or driveway is at the steep level, it is a must to choose two or three-stage machine instead. Two-stage machines utilize a slow corkscrew turning like that gathers snow and moves it to the center of the housing, then the snow is pushed in a high-speed impeller shooting it out with the chute. The three-stage machine is more like the two stage only that it can move more snow and do it faster. The new blowers are powered with gas and they have a 4 cylinder meaning you do not have to mix oil and gas but it is a must to change the oil as time goes by. You also need to add fuel stabilizer to fresh gas and follow the manufactures instruction for off season storage.

2- The two-stage and the three-stage snowblower are heavy in weight turning the can be exhausting. The latest models are designed with the power steering that allows you to turn the machine on a dime, they have one-hand power steering controls that are able to turn the machine 180 degrees with an immediate effect.

3- The plastic chute are made to be a little slippery so that snow doesn’t stick easily, they do not rust, so when it is advisable to stick with plastic over steel chute. The lower priced machine has a chute that is turned manually but on the expensive models, they have connected cables and electronically. operate the chute without having to stop to adjust it. Some even come with a one-hand pistol grip chute joystick.

4- Air-filled tires are often a problem, they always need to be refilled or even repaired and repairing a flat snow blower tire is not easy. If the tires do not have the same amount of air in them the machine will pull on one side only. On the other hand airless tires are made from a special polymer material that flexes to shed on snow and this tires have much grip as the rubber. They are totally maintenance-free making them the best choice for you new snow blower. Since its winter and dark a snowblower with headlights will help you work easily, whether you clear your snow in the mourning or after dinner the headlights will help you clear obstacles before jamming the machine.

5- They are many ways that power up your snowblower can be powered by gas, battery and even electric, it is always important to know which snowblower will suit your needs. Gas engines can be finicky in cold weathers which will take about 20 rope pulls to clear the flood and get the engine to start. If your back isn’t in shape for rope pulling choose a snow blower with an electric starter or battery. An electric snow blower can be a good option for you when leaving in areas with light snowfall events, making electric blowers a perfect choice for small areas.

In huge areas, you will need a heavy-duty rated extension cord and you will need to follow a specific pattern to avoid cutting the cord or wrapping it around the auger.

A Battery-powered snow blower can be an even better option in big areas. A single charged battery can run the machine up to 30 minutes and if you need to run a little longer you just need to buy another set of batteries.

The amount of snowfall you get often that matter the most you do not want your snow blower to bog down in heavy or wet snow ,following the little information above you will know which snow blower to buy without worrying about the cost only focusing on the outcome you will get from you new purchased snowblower.


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