How to Pick a Perfect Snow Blower

Sometimes, the only thing that hinders you from enjoying the winters to the fullest is “the snow”. Choosing the right snow blower for your snowy driveways can make your winters more loveable and enjoyable.

Choosing the right snowblower depends on the kind of snow you get in your area and your driveway.

How to Pick a Perfect Snow Blower

Five different types of snow blowers to choose from are:

Electric snowblowers

Electric snowblowers are lightweight and compact, used in small areas such as decks, porches, steps and small sidewalks where large gas-powered snowblower won’t reach. It is capable to handle only light snowfalls less than 12 inches.

Electric snowblowers are user-friendly and virtually maintenance-free. They do not need oil changes or fill-ups. Its both corded and cordless models are available in the market.

Cordless snowblowers

Cordless snow blowers use highly efficient brushless motor technology with a combination of high capacity Lithium-ion batteries. It offers maximum portability by eradicating the need of gas or a cord for its usage.

Single-stage gas snowblowers

Single-stage gas snow blowers have a single rubber bladed snow auger to throw the snow out of the ramp. These gas blowers are the lightest and smallest, typically 18-22 inches wide, best for smooth and paved driveways.

Single-stage blowers are best to use in areas having moderate snowfall, can handle upto 8-12 inches snow.

The only limitation it has is that it can not be used on unpaved surfaces as the auger makes contact with the surface and can damage the driveway or can cause an injury.

Two-stage gas snowblowers

Two-stage snowblower is a bigger and more powerful machine designed to efficiently manage deep and heavy snow. It is capable of clearing snow upwards of 18+ inches and is best for large driveways.

It has a combination of an auger and a high-speed impeller. First auger gathers the snow and then impeller throws it out of the chute to prevent clogging

It can be used on unpaved surfaces made of concrete, asphalt or gravel. Its auger doesn’t touch the ground and can not cause any damage.

Two-stage blower outruns both electrical and one stage blower and is very convenient to use for heavy and deep expanses of snow.

Three-stage Gas snowblowers

Three-stage gas snow blowers are designed to perform the job in less time, with more efficiency.

They are the most efficient gas blowers available in the market currently that can manage extreme snowfalls, 50% faster than a two-stage snowblower. It consists of two metal augers, accelerator and a high-speed impeller. First, the metal auger scoops up the ice to the center where the accelerator minces it and pushes it to the impeller that throws it out of the ramp.

Some special features of this model include self-propelled wheels, heated grips, and single-press chute control.

In the case of compacted snow walls, this machine will dig up through 20+ inches high stacks while launching it 50 feet away.

Now, choose your snowblower wisely and make your winters less hectic and more enjoyable

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